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Dexin Industry & Culture Group is an important part of the "two-wheel drive" strategy of Dexin Holding Urban construction sector. Headquartered in hangzhou, China to produce ShangWen group holding it holding "the continuous innovators of the real estate industry chain integration services" business philosophy to "city ShangWen production operation service provider in China" brand positioning, based on current group has been formed "residential and commercial development, commercial operation, brigade innovation" three strategic map such as the development and operations, airport city letter, peace, center, west lake music festival, like letter Mountain Art Commune, Dexin Digital Industry Building, Dexin AI Industrial Park, Nanjing Xianlin Zhigu and other dozens of cultural and industrial model projects, relying on the in-depth understanding of urban operation and construction and the advantages of industrial upstream and downstream resource integration, dexin Industry and Culture Group innovates new modes of development, operation, management and service. To build a complete value output system has not only become the ideal partner of government agencies, large and medium-sized enterprises, but also won the trust and love of customers.

Project information
  • Commercial and residential development
  • Commercial office operation
  • Culture and tourism innovation