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Reporting Instructions

1. Scope of acceptance:

(1) Persons who have been reported, including but not limited to current and former employees of the company, and external personnel (suppliers, customers, etc.) who have economic relations with our company. (2) Reported behaviors, including but not limited to soliciting or accepting any form of kickback, embezzling and misappropriating company assets, abusing power to cause heavy losses to the company, maliciously divulging the company’s major business secrets for private gain, false reporting and false claims, false public benefit for private interests, etc. that damage the company Benefit behavior.

2. The Audit and Supervision Center encourages real-name reporting, and all reporting information is strictly confidential.

3. The Group will reward those who report major violations of laws and regulations and assist auditors in successfully cracking the case within one month after the case is handled.

4. The problem reported by the one who must be objective and truthful. Those who falsely accuse and frame others in the name of reporter will be investigated for legal responsibility. 

Monitoring Report

In order to maintain our company's business philosophy of virtue and integrity, and protect the legitimate interests of enterprises and employees, the channels for public complaints and reports are as follows:

Reporting with Email
Reporting with Phone
Reporting with WeChat
Reporting with QR Code