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Awarded "China's Top 100 Real Estate Enterprises" for eight consecutive years

TOP10 listed real estate companies in China in terms of solvency in 2020 and 2021

TOP2 of China's top 10 listed real estate companies in wealth creation ability

Most valuable real estate company of the year

Real estate listed companies comprehensive strength ranking 22nd

The fifth Golden Hong Kong Stock - Best Real Estate Company

Top 10 financial health models for listed real estate enterprises in 2020

"Wenzhou residents satisfaction Index second", "Hangzhou residents satisfaction index third"

"Wenzhou Residents loyalty Index ranked first", "Hangzhou residents loyalty index ranked fourth"

"2020 Top 50 Real Estate Enterprises in Yangtze River Delta Region"

China's most growing listed real estate enterprises in 2020

2021 Quality habitat leader

Zhejiang province housing industry assured consumption demonstration enterprise

China real estate growth brand enterprises in 2021

2021 Annual Financial Performance of Real Estate Enterprises (Top 10)

Top 30 Real estate brands in Zhejiang during the 13th Five-Year Plan

2021 China's Top 50 Real Estate Brand Values

The 9th China Guangsha Awards - Outstanding Award of Industrialization Technology Application, Outstanding Award of Public Supporting facilities and Property Service

2020 China real estate annual poverty alleviation sample enterprises

Zhejiang top ten brand enterprises in 2020

Quality Property Award 2021

2021 China property service market operation leading brand enterprise

2021 China property growth brand enterprise

Top25 of China's top 100 property service enterprises by brand value in 2021

2021 China Property service East China top 30 brand enterprises

2021 China property service enterprise potential unicorn

2021 China Property Service Top 100 Enterprises

Zhejiang province's top ten quality service property enterprises

Zhejiang AAA grade property service credit enterprise

2020 Leading brand enterprise in China's property service market operation

2020 China Smart Community better life service provider

2020 Blue chip property 100 enterprises

Regional leading value enterprise

Zhejiang AAA grade property service credit enterprise

Top 500 property service enterprises with comprehensive strength

Leading enterprise in residential property service in 2019

2019 China Warm community better life service provider

China's leading brand enterprise in market operation of property service in 2019

2019 Blue chip property enterprise 

Top27 of China's top 100 property services in 2019 

Top28 of China's top 100 property services in 2018 

2018 Gongshu District Small giant enterprise 

2017 China Property Service Top 100 Enterprises

2017 China's leading brand of property service market operation

2020 China (Hangzhou) Annual Best Industrial Complex Award

2021·GBE Business Of the Year TOD Complex Award

Key commercial buildings in Yuhang District, Hangzhou

Three-star commercial building in Yuhang District, Hangzhou in 2021

Zhejiang Music Industry Development Alliance member unit

Xihu District film and television Culture development and promotion association director un

Xiaobing Future AI ART LAB

Shanghai Comprehensive Industrial Development Zone Quality Building Operation Award

Excellent project of China's industrial operation

2018 Outstanding Influence long-term rental apartment brand

Hangzhou long-term rental apartment "Innovation" brand in 2018

The chamber of Commerce in Hangzhou celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of an honest enterprise

Outstanding Enterprise of the Year 2019

The runner-up in the operating volume of long-term rental apartment in 2019

2019 Annual long-term rental apartment local strength brand

Apartment Influence Brand of 2019

2020 Apartment Influence brand

The operation force of concentrated long-term rental apartment ranked top three in 2020

Advanced enterprise in Hangzhou housing rental industry in 2020

Hangzhou housing rental industry vice president unit

Zhejiang province science and technology smes

Zhejiang province high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises

Huzhou two-star green factory

Huzhou four-star green factory

Huzhou patent demonstration enterprise

Huzhou Safety Production Standardization Level 3 Enterprise (machinery)

Wuxing district 6S management pilot enterprises

Safe Consumer Units in Zhejiang Province (Safe Factory)

Huzhou Automobile Industry Association vice president unit

G20 Unicorns

Gold Medal of Robot Innovation Challenge

2016 Science and Technology Brand Award of Security Products industry

Amb will innovate products

Hangzhou "Eagle Plan" enterprise

Hangzhou high-tech enterprises

National high-tech enterprise

Hangzhou Enterprise High-tech R&D Center (Industry)

Hangzhou Yuhang District Science and Technology Enterprise R & D Center

"Provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center"

Zhejiang province industry innovation and excellence demonstration unit

Through the China (Hangzhou) Ai Town Project

Through the Yuhang District digital economy project